Zind-Humbrecht 'Zind' White Blend, Alsace

White Blend

The Zind is classified as Vin de France (table wine) because it contains about 70% Chardonnay, blended with Auxerrois, which is not an allowed grape in AOP Alsace. My father Leonard Humbrecht chose to plant this grape on the coolest part of the Clos Windsbuhl, nearing the forest, because it has the ability to keep great structure and acidity, enhanced by the rocky limestone soil. A small amount of Auxerrois allows to create the perfect balance. Windsbuhl produces elegant style wines, mostly characterized by a lacy and acidity driven structure. In 2018, these grapes performed superbly and made a wine that became dry after a very long fermentation, another characteristic from this vineyard.

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