Vasse Felix "Filius" Chardonnay


Vasse Felix Chardonnay is typified by its bright, elegant fruit, subtle wild complexities, and a tight acid structure, reflecting the vibrancy and purity of this variety in Margaret River. 'Filius' translates to 'son of' in Latin, reflecting the relationship between this wine and its premier 'father'. Bright pale straw color. Light notes of pineapple, grapefruit and crunchy nectarine purity provide a bright fruit base. French oak and time on yeast lees contribute delicious secondary layers of ginger, vanilla biscuit, almond meal, and lemon curd.  Light and fine, in touch with delicate citrus flavor, a hint vanilla biscuit, and a zesty polished acid tang. It delivers a spotless palate that evokes a mouth-watering, river stone dryness coupled to a fine savory, silky texture.

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