Ÿ??A?¤ejoŸ?? in Spanish means Ÿ??agedŸ?? or Ÿ??matureŸ??. A?¤ejo to us means a Tequila made with slowly roasted, organic agaves grown in the Tequila Valley, and rested for 18 months in repurposed Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey barrels. As our A?¤ejo ages in-barrel, it takes on the smoky sweet caramel and butterscotch flavors, floral tones, and hints of rosemary spice to mature into the Organic 100% de Agave A?¤ejo Tequila the Ultimate Spirits Competition awarded 97-points. Have you ever made a Manhattan Mexicano? Or a Tequila Old Fashioned? Our A?¤ejo is just as delicious in a tequila drink as it is sipped neat or on the rocks. So, find a bottle near you (or send it to your doorstep), gather your family or friends, and let our hard work be your escape to relaxation.

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