Traverse City Finishing Series Package


Tasting Notes:
Cab Franc Barrel Finish
Nose: Sweet cherries, Lemongrass, Wintergreen, Milk Chocolate
Body: Dry and lightly buttery; caraway seed, toasted sesame, and a hint of bitter orange
Finish: Tannic, whole grains fading to 100% cocoa nibs
Port Barrel Finish
Nose: Very light, stone fruit and buttercream, hint of orange
Body: Sweet and silky; tart cherries, vanilla, sweet fennel, hint of toasted marshmallow
Finish: Tannic but slightly sweet, burnt sugar and toasted orange peel
Sherry Barrel Finish
Nose: Caramel, sassafras (root beer), cinnamon, and raisins
Body: Light and nutty; Walnut, toasted almond, green cardamom, and a hint of vanilla bean
Finish: Mild, toasted rye bread and tobacco
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