Fratelli Vergnano 1865 Cioco Artichoke Liqueur


Carcio is made by the infusion of different herbs and plants, among which is the cynarin from the artichoke.

In 1865, Bartolomeo Vergnano took a keen interest in alchemy and knowledge of Italian botanicals to formulate artisan liqueurs following the Piedmont liqueur-making tradition.

Today, after three generations, Valter Vergnano has the same enthusiasm and alchemist inclination. The core focus has been professionalism, transparency, raw materials quality, and first rate finished products.

Fratelli Vergnano 1865 liqueurs are certified USDA organic.

The company received the certification for producing organic products from the national organization ‚ÄúValoritalia‚ÄĚ in 2015.

Traceability of ingredients is a guarantee of absolute transparency and purity; the whole chain is bio-certified and subjected to accurate controls.

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