Cordials & Liqueurs – American

Prized in ancient times for medicinal properties, the aniseed in DeKuyper Anisette adds an exotic palate to traditional as well as modern cocktails. Distilled with imported aniseed and blended with fine neutral spirit, this liqueur's fresh black licorice flavor shines through. With its rich, deep flavor, Anisette makes a perfect addition to after-dinner cocktails. Update the classic Martini as a Black Anisette Martini, adding DeKuyper Blackberry and Vanilla with vodka, lime juice and muddled fresh blackberries, balancing sweetness with its distinctive flavor. With a heritage dating back more than 300 years, DeKuyper Cordials & Liqueurs continues to be on the cutting edge of the spirits industry. DeKuyper's evolution has been successful through the combination of its rich, traditional expertise with modern innovation, creating mixable and versatile cordials, liqueurs, crèmes, brandies and schnapps made from the world's finest ingredients. DeKuyper has been the brand bartenders trust to add color, flavor and fun to any cocktail.

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